4 Ways I Solve My Client’s Problems

1. I am Flexible and Accommodating

When it comes to scheduling an initial meeting or a shoot, I try to be as flexible as possible. Life is crazy and most of the people I work with have multiple people’s schedules that we are trying to consider when picking a date. I know I’m probably more open/flexible than my clients so I keep a clear and updated calendar that I can send to them to pick out the best date without a ton of back and forth. I love utilizing Calendly to schedule because it shows all my availability, sends confirmations and reminders, and blocks out the date on both our calendars when scheduled. I love the convenience of it all! 

Life happens too! If weather or an unforeseen circumstance arises, I make sure to work with the client to figure out a new date. Staying patient, kind, and adaptable is important in these situations. 

2. I Help Create Timelines

When it comes to a wedding day, being involved in the creation of the timeline is crucial in my opinion. If we are being realistic here, the one person who is going to be by your side the whole day is your photographer. I include free timeline creation in all of my wedding packages because that is how important it is to me. I need to know where I need to be at all times to document the day and not miss any moments as well as guide the couple on when the best times are to do the group photos. 

Even for shoots that aren’t weddings, if it’s a long shoot, it’s nice to lay out what you are going to do first – i.e. if you are doing multiple locations with different outfits, layout what outfits are for which location at what time. Even include the kind of poses/shots you want to capture. Being OVER organized is always better.

3. I Provide Resources and Insight On What To Wear

Not everyone has an eye for fashion or what looks good. Being a photographer, you should have somewhat of an eye for what looks good. If a client asks me for outfit advice, I make sure to tell them options that’ll look good on them and the time of year. I typically say blacks, whites, and gem tones always look good in my edits since my style is moodier and deeper in tones. Consider how the photos are going to be edited. I know a lot of photographers who really mute out any blue colors so if you are a client, be mindful of how your photographer edits certain colors.

I create a Pinterest board based on what vibe they want then I scour Pinterest collecting outfit inspo.

Side Note: Pinterest is SUCH a good resource for photographers and clients. I use it for pose ideas and outfit inspiration all the time. It also serves as another portfolio for me as I upload many of my favorite shots from all my shoots. Don’t sleep on Pinterest!

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4. I Pose You

Most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. I even am sometimes! Making a client feel free and relaxed is super important. Take some time at the beginning of the shoot to talk then ease into taking photos.

A client should never have to worry about posing themselves or knowing what they are supposed to be doing in front of the camera. If they do, even better but guiding a client through a session is part of the job. I literally do the pose to show the client what to do and make sure it feels right. 

I keep a list of prompts for all types of shoots in my notes app to help create natural and authentic poses. I always say, “Now you might feel silly doing this but it’s going to look great on camera,” and it’s making a couple walk towards me like they are drunk or whispering their grocery list into their partner’s ear in a sexy voice. These always result in genuine laughter or movement that I aspire to capture.

Caitlin Manley


Caitlin and Camera is your fun-loving midwest portrait and love photographer. I have a passion for capturing merriment, movement, and memories. I love working with people who crave adventure and a little creativity with plenty of laughs along the way. 

If you love living joyously, then we might be a good match. Message me today for more info and pricing. 

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