The camera loves you already!

Whether you’re a high school senior envisioning your potential future, a creative business owner with a passion, or fun-loving family – Caitlin and Camera is here to document your days.

For the unapologetically unique


Senior portraits are an opportunity for you to have some fun and express yourself. I love getting creative and showing off your personality and talents. Even if you don’t like being on camera I want to create a relaxed atmosphere and have an experience that is memorable. If you love my work and are interested in a senior session, please hit learn more and I will get back to you shortly!

What are you looking for?


I love working with fun individuals and groups to showcase unique personalities. Whether you’re a budding business owner or a fun-loving family, I want to capture YOU. Interested in working together? Hit that inquiry button below.


Absolutely! I can do any kind of plan that works for your lifestyle. Monthly, quarterly, two big payments, whatever makes you comfortable. 

Life happens and mother nature can be a bitch. If we need to reschedule, just contact me and we will set a new date. Easy.

If you need to cancel your session, you will not recieve your deposit back as it is non-refundable but if you’ve paid more, than I will pay you back for that amount.

All my clients have printing rights so if you prefer to print your photos with a different vendor. 

Yes! I will have a store in your gallery in which you can purchase your favorite photos. 

Nope! I don’t give out my raw, unedited photos as the final product is part of my art style and part of what you’re paying for. 

You really don’t want to see those raws…a lot of work go into the final photos. 

Caitlin and Camera

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