Favorite Things Friday No. 02

Hello and happy Friday! I’m back with a new Favorite Things Friday where I simply share my favorite things of the week with you. Whether it’s a feeling, a thing, or an experience – my favorite “things” are not limited to just that – things! My goal is to create small moments of joy as well as possibly put you onto something new you’ll also enjoy.

With that, here is my first list of my five Favorite Things Friday.

1. This crossbody bag from Thread Wallet

I LOVE this versatile cross-body bag sooooo much and by versatile I mean the strap position can change to be more purse-like or more like a backpack. I always was on the hunt for a small sporty bag that wasn’t a fanny pack so when I found this I instantly had to grab it. The amount of different pockets and compartments makes the organization part of me so happy! Check out the bag below in all its many colors!

2. Selling the OC

I am a HUGE Selling Sunset fan but I recently caught up on its sister show, Selling the OC, and I’m hooked. No one will ever compare to my girls on Sunset but I’m loving the OC too. Catch me binging season 3 when that comes out soon!

3. The Sims 4

Listen, I’ve been playing the Sims franchise since 2003. I play 1 and 2 and was a die-hard Sims 2 fan until recently. I still love it but I gave the Sims 4 a chance when the base game went free and I never looked back. This has been great for me to get back into a game for stress relief and for working on my creativity and imagination. 

4. This Winter Chicken Soup with Ricotta Dumplings recipe

Please, just try this. It made it for the week and it’s been a treat every day! 

5. The Samsung Portable Hard Drive

As a photographer, I can’t live without a portable hard drive. Over the years, I’ve collected many. and over those years – I’ve lost some to corruption which is devastating (but I’ve learned to back up on Dropbox and Google Drive as well). I travel and move around a lot with my drives so they get shaken up resulting in the eventual failure of the drive. But recently, after, my second trip to a computer repair place, they set me on a new hard drive path – one that does not have moving parts so it is less likely for me to corrupt another hard drive (rip to all the passport hard drives I used to love. I now love the Samsung portable hard drive. I already filled one up and had to buy a second. Yes, I take a lot of photos and I’m always editing multiple sessions at a given time. I feel much more secure with these new hard drives. 

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