I deleted my social media for a week…

A little over a week ago, I needed to majorly decompress and purge my life. I had spent two long days photographing a showcase for a dance studio I work at. I woke up Monday morning exhausted and weirdly in the mood for some change. A purge felt necessary. Not only did I deep clean my home but I deep cleaned my digital space. I have never deleted my social media apps before so I thought I’d try it out. 

By the middle of the week, I hated it. I felt so disconnected from my friends, potential clients, and the world. Three days in and it was more so just a challenge to stay off the apps rather than needing the restart. I communicate with a lot of people through apps like Snapchat and Twitter but since those fall under the social media category I deleted them. 

I did all this to reground but I just felt a void. That may sound dramatic but also as a business owner who primarily uses organic social media marketing, my business suffered as well. Now there could have been ways around this but I didn’t plan well and even if I planned posts, I wasn’t engaging with my community or seeing any messages. 

I see people take months off and feel so free and I wish my time off my social media was more meaningful.

But I absolutely love social media. My feeds are curated with people I love, brands I support, artists that inspire, and funny videos that bring joy. I know that social media can get a bad rap that it’s toxic – and some parts are. From filters and overediting creating unattainable beauty standards to a constant flood of sad news, to everyone’s opinions that no one asked for – it can become overwhelming. 

But I like to thank social media for helping me keep in touch with old friends and make new ones, teaching me new things, exposing me to other people’s art, and showing me the world. 

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Caitlin Manley


Caitlin and Camera is your fun-loving midwest portrait and love photographer. I have a passion for capturing merriment, movement, and memories. I love working with people who crave adventure and a little creativity with plenty of laughs along the way. 

If you love living joyously, then we might be a good match. Message me today for more info and pricing. 

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