My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Poses

I’ve recently discussed my top 3 favorite engagement poses (check that out here) but today let’s discuss my top 3 favorite wedding poses! Yes, these are different from engagement poses and I always make sure to get these every time!

Like I said in my previous post about favorite poses, as a photographer, you are required to wear many hats. One of those many hats is being a creative director! On a wedding day, I am basically directing a movie. I’m telling people where to be and when, posing people, and sometimes calling the shots (literally!)

During picture time, I’ll direct and prompt the couple on which poses or actions to do. So many couples are nervous that they’ll have to pose themselves but that’s why I’m here! Now that I have more of an established style I have some favorite poses that are go-to’s during the hustle and bustle of a wedding day.

My top 3 favorite wedding poses

1. On Top Of the World
2. Veil Intimacy
3. Dress Play
4. Walk and Party
5. Sneaky Bouquet Kiss

1. On Top of The World

Sometimes a small hill can make it look like your couple is on top of the world! I love doing big environment/small subject compositions for this pose. This gallery really shows my editing evolution over the years as well, with the first image being from 2017, the second from 2018, and the last from 2020

2. Veil Intimacy

I love the timelessness of veil photos. The sheer veil adds some texture and a beautiful glow when the sunlight shines through it. You can really have your couple get close and shoot some intimate portraits with this pose, creating some spicy and passionate imagery.

3. Dress Play

Using the bride’s dress as a prop is a good way to get some movement in your photos as well as highlight the beautiful dress. I love doing this pose at golden hour so the sun illuminates the skirt. 

4. Walk and Party

This is a fun pose to use with just the couple or with the entire wedding party! Most of us already take pictures of the couple walking towards us but I like to get a little excitement for the day going by telling them to just “go crazy” by cheering, hooting, and hollering, or whatever they feel is natural for them!

5. Sneaky Bouquet Kiss

One way that I like to get pictures of the gorgeous bouquet is by having the couple cover their faces when kissing for a checky little intimate photo. 

Are you interested in Caitlin & Camera capturing your special day?

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Caitlin Manley


Caitlin and Camera is your fun-loving midwest portrait and love photographer. I have a passion for capturing merriment, movement, and memories. I love working with people who crave adventure and a little creativity with plenty of laughs along the way. 

If you love living joyously, then we might be a good match. Message me today for more info and pricing. 

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